Jobs I’ve Had

9 Jun

A teacher.

I taught in this very schoolhouse.  750 kids in one room!

An elevator operator

in a building with no top floor.

A naval captain.

Here is my crew preparing to go into battle.


My Relatives

9 Jun

My great-uncle Ernie.

And yes, he’s a goblin.

Great-Uncle Loonie.

Works nights as the Man in the Moon

Great-Uncle Alfred, the famous movie director.

Shhh, he’s sleeping.

Friends of Mine

9 Jun

Ronald is a big fan.

His favorite book of mine?  You Don’t Always Get What You Hope For.  He wishes someone would come into his restaurant and order a trillion hamburgers!

Tigger is a fan too.

But he thinks that Pig Pigger Piggest should have been Tig Tigger Tiggest.

My Pets

9 Jun

My pet dog Rocky.

I found him at Capitol Reef, Utah.  He says his cousin is Clifford.

His breed? Rockhound.

My pet dog Rocky II.

He’s fat because he’s always a-goblin’.

My pet dog Rocky III.

He’s tired from a long night of hunting.

And here’s “Fluffy”!

A sweet young thing who guards our house.

The Ghosts That Haunt My House

9 Jun

This T-Rex tries to scare me from time to time, but he’s harmless.

The famous Ghost of the Buffalo Skull hides in the canyons waiting for careless hikers.

Vacation Photos

9 Jun

From our trip to Mars, June, 1994.

In 1996 we, our pets, and a few good friends fly around the world in balloons.

We go back in time, but arrive too late to save this unfortunate creature from sinking into the tar.

We go back even further in time, and arrive just in time for dinner.


9 Jun