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Endorsements for Rick Walton’s Website

22 Jun
“Okay, okay. It’s not exactly the most sophisticated looking website out there. Not even close. In fact, it reminds a lot of us of our own bedrooms before our moms make us clean them up! But when it comes to the “cool” factor, this site wins hands down. No, not for design. For text content. Sound boring? It’s anything but! This guy is really funny! And we don’t mean just funny. We mean hilarious! No site made us laugh so much. Our tip to you here is to poke around this site thoroughly. Not everything is what it seems. In fact, MOST everything is NOT what it seems. We don’t want to give away any surprises, so you’ll just have to take our word for it. Go and see for yourself.”
NYC Young Writers’ Picks For Top 10 Best Sites By Authors Of Juvenile And Young Adult Literature: Rick Walton
“Stumbled across your page while looking up “worm racing”. I’m not sure what age group it is intended for, but I’m 44 and got a real kick out of it! If it were possible to spend 24 hours inside someone’s brain…I’m not sure if 24 hours inside yours would be enlightening or downright scary! Thanks for a great laugh, best of luck with whatever it is you do. “
–Susan in Australia
” I randomly typed in loku and found that page. Im a 17 year old student from england and a keen amateur poet and I haven’t laughed so much at literature in so long. the supercalifragalistic one was hilarious. Thank you for the entertainment im going back now to read the rest of your page…”
” Ah google. it sorts those words, and while looking for ‘tightening the circle over eel country’, I found your site. go fiture. now I intend to enjoy it. like finding an icecream cone behind a cactus on a very hot day.”
” Thanks for the wealth of information to go along with your books! I’ve started a notebook of children’s authors (bios, interviews, bibliographies) and have added your page. I know many children will be inspired by your writing”
“Thanks for a great site. I wrote a picture story for my godson and am trying to get it published. Though this is a foreign world to me, your sit is very encouraging.”
–Regards, Greg
“By the way, really nice website. I think its funny and cool.”
— Yasmeen in Kuwait
“I’m really bored and I saw your web site. My friends really liked your site. They especially liked the biggest button in the galaxy. Well that’s about enough, I’m sure that I have bored you plenty so bye.”
” Just have to say your Alphabet lists are amazing!!!!!!! Just happened to stumble upon your site while trying to help my girlfriend do a college homework assignment. She has to create an ABC book of Technology (Inventions). Too bad you don’t have one!!! Having trouble with “O” and “Y” Again, ABSOLUTELY amazing ABC lists! ==Thanks. I’m an obsessive compulsive writer with bizarre interests. And so I end up with weird alphabets and cartoons involving stick worms.”
“I am not quite sure how I ended up on your page but photography interests me almost as much as ghosts lol so I had a look. It was very interesting, perhaps because I find myself doing that all the time, seeing things within other things…maybe its a cloud that looks like an animal, or ernest hemingways head staring at me from an old tree stump in the backyard (hair and all lol) tho he disappeared after we had alot of rain and the stump grew. I think I liked your man in the moon one the best. Keep it up, you have a new fan of your work and a few more pieces and you could have a gallery showing.”
“Wow! I have just spent the entire afternoon browsing your site. It is a miserable day here in England, and I’ve had a miserable couple of weeks…your site has cheered me up and put me in the mood for my placement in a primary school (kids are aged 7 11). This is part of the fourth year of my degree to become a qualified teacher. So thank you very much. I have no doubt that I will use some of your books in my future classroom, and am delighted to have stumbled upon your work through looking for inspiration on synonym activities for my peers! Once again, thank you for bringing a bit of laughter (that brought my family running to see what was going on…) and inspiration to a bit of a stressed student!”
“You have a wonderful we site, just found this (the riddles) by accident. Sent this out to my daughter who lives in TN. for my 5 yr. old granddaughter.”