Rick’s Timeline

22 Jun
2006 The Remarkable Friendship of Mr. Cat and Mr. Rat Putnam (picture book)
2005 Bunny School HarperCollins (picture book)
  Cinderella CTR Halemark (picture book)
2004 Bunny Christmas HarperCollins (picture book)
  A Very Hairy Scary Story Putnam (picture book)
  Mrs. McMurphy’s Pumpkin HarperCollins (picture book)
  Suddenly, Alligator Gibbs Smith (picture book)
  Puzzle Crazy! Pleasant Company (activity book)
2003 Bunnies on the Go HarperCollins (picture book)
2002 “The African Mystery” in American Girl, September/October 2002 Pleasant Company (minute mystery)
  Bertie Was a Watchdog Walker Books and Candlewick (picture book)
  Brain Waves Pleasant Company (activity book)
  Bunny Day HarperCollins (picture book)
  “The Camel” in Cricket, February 2002 Carus (poem)
  “The Candy Thieves Mystery” in American Girl, September/October 2002 Pleasant Company (minute mystery)
  Cars At Play Putnam (picture book)
  Herd of Cows, Flock of Sheep, Quiet, I’m Tired, I Need My Sleep! Gibbs Smith (picture book)
  Quacking Up!: Wacky Jokes for Feathered Folks Walker Books (picture book)
  “Take a Hike” in American Girl, Special Issue 2002 Pleasant Company (board game)
  “The Wise Frog on the Hill” in Cricket, March 2002 Carus (poem)
2001 “Dr. Frankenswine ” in Cricket, October 2001 Carus (poem)
  “A Flash ” in Ladybug, November 2001 Carus (poem)
  “Friends Forever ” in American Girl, Special Issue 2001 Pleasant Company (board game)
  How Can You Dance? Putnam (picture book)
  “Night Sounds” in Babybug, September 2001 Carus (poem)
  That’s My Dog Putnam (picture book)
  The Bear Came Over to My House Putnam (picture book)
2000 “Ah-Choo! ” in Spider, August 2000 Carus (poem)
  Little Dogs Says “Rough!” Putnam (picture book)
  “Joke University ” in American Girl, July/August 2000 Pleasant Company (article)
  My Two Feet/My Two Hands Putnam (picture book)
  One More Bunny Lothrop, Lee, & Shephard (picture book)
  That’s What You Get Gibbs Smith (picture book)
  The Treasure Hunt Book Klutz (activity book)
1999 Bullfrog Pops! Gibbs Smith (picture book)
  “Jack Jump Over ” in Ladybug, June 1999 Carus (poem)
  Really, Really Bad Summer Jokes Candlewick (riddle book)
  Ten Pin Alley Saffire (software)
1998 Really, Really Bad School Jokes Candlewick (riddle book)
  So Many Bunnies HarperCollins (picture book)
  Why the Bananas Split Gibbs Smith (picture book)
1997 Dance, Pioneer, Dance! Deseret Book (picture book)
  “Utah Children’s Authors and Illustrators” in Utah English Journal, Volume 25:1997 Utah Council of Teachers of English/Language Arts (article)
  Pig Pigger Piggest Gibbs Smith (picture book)
1996 The Big Book of Scripture Activities Deseret Book (activity book)
  Operation GroupWise Infovision/Novell (software) co-writer/co-designer
  Richer than the Pharaoh Infovision/Emerald (software) co-writer/co-designer
  You Don’t Always Get What You Hope For Gibbs Smith (picture book)
1995 Astro-Nuts! Riddles about astronauts and the planets they love Buckaroo Books (riddle book)
  Bone WordPerfect (electronic picture book)
  Dino-might!: Pre-hysterical dinosaur riddles Buckaroo Books (riddle book)
  The Ghost Is Clear: Riddles about ghosts, vampires, witches, and other creatures Buckaroo Books (riddle book)
  “Make Up a Joke ” in Boy’s Life Boy Scouts of America (article)
  Noah’s Square Dance Lothrop, Lee & Shepard (picture book)
  Once There Was a Bull…frog Gibbs Smith (picture book)
  What to Do When a Bug Climbs in Your Mouth and Other Poems to Drive You Buggy! Lothrop, Lee & Shepard (picture book)
  Wholly Cowboy!: Cowboy, cow, and horse riddles Buckaroo Books (riddle book)
1994 Riddle-day Saints Deseret Book (riddle book)
1993 Hoop-la: Riddles about Basketball Lerner (riddle book)
  How Many How Many How Many Candlewick (picture book)
  Off Base: Riddles about Baseball Lerner (riddle book)
  Take a Hike: Riddles about Football Lerner (riddle book)
1992 “My Two Feet ” in Ladybug, June 1992 Carus (poem)
  Will You Still Love Me? Deseret Book (picture book)
1991 Alphabatty: Riddles from A to Z Lerner (riddle book)
  Ho-ho-ho!: Riddles about Santa Claus Lerner (riddle book)
  I Toad You So: Riddles about Frogs and Toads Lerner (riddle book)
1990 On with the Show: Show Me Riddles Lerner (riddle book)
  Weather or Not: Riddles for Rain or Shine Lerner (riddle book)
1989 Can You Match This?: jokes about unlikely pairs Lerner (riddle book)
  Clowning Around!: jokes about the circus Lerner (riddle book)
  Fossil Follies!: jokes about dinosaurs Lerner (riddle book)
  Kiss a Frog!: jokes about fairy tales, knights, and dragons Lerner (riddle book)
  What a Ham!: jokes about pigs Lerner (riddle book)
1988 What’s Your Name, Again?: more jokes about names Lerner (riddle book)
1987 Dumb Clucks!: jokes about chickens Lerner (riddle book)
  Something’s Fishy!: jokes about sea creatures Lerner (riddle book)

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